Net Tex Poultry Nutri Drops, 30 ml


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    Net-tex Poultry Nutri Drops (30ml) are a totally unique energy boosting supplement and they work unlike any other in the world. They work via patented technology exclusive to Net-Tex by delivering the nutrients directly into the bloodstream which can be measured within 10 minutes. This can mean that within 30 mins, 50% of energy and nutrients are absorbed with a 99& utilisation, making sure that your feathered friend is well on their way to recovery. Net-tex Poultry Nutri Drops can be given to lethargic or weak birds, especially those undergoing anti-biotic treatment or to those going through heavy periods of stress.


    • Provide an instant energy source for sluggish birds
    • Help boost the immune system and vitamin levels during periods of environmental stress
    • Help maintain peak production at times when maximum stamina and energy are required
    • Reduce the effects of stress during vaccination, handling and following anti biotic treatment when feed absorption can be disrupted
    • Increase appetite and greater feed conversion

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