Keeping Chickens as Pets. Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard. A Beginner?s Guide


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    Welcome to the world of chicken keeping. Chickens make fantastic pets. They are relatively low maintenance in comparison to other pets. They have individual personalities, some are social and affectionate, others can be more solitary and stand-offish. If you are getting your first hatchery chickens, or indeed any chickens, then this is the book for you. It offers an introduction to the world of chicken keeping . This book covers all the things that people who keep chickens, as pets or as producers, need to know. This is a must in the library of any first time chicken owner. Chickens can be easy to care for, provided you have all the necessary equipment. The taste of a laid in your own backyard egg is indescribable compared to shop bought eggs. Chickens can provide hours of entertainment and are useful in the garden. They are a pet for the whole family as children can be involved in the daily tasks of caring as well. Covered in this book: - Life stages - Anatomy - Hatchery breeds - Choosing your chickens - Feeding - Raising - Homemade Food - Health - Housing - Care and husbandry - Hatching - Behavior - Eggs - and much more.

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