Aqueos Anti-microbial Poultry Disinfectant, 750 ml


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    A powerful disinfectant and deodorising product spray, working to effectively kill 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi, ensuring a more safe and sanitary environment. The spray will kill harmful micro-organisms within 30 seconds and provide lasting protection against re-contamination. The spray is, however, completely safe with an alcohol and bleach-free formulation that poses as little chemical harm as water. Great for disinfecting chicken coops and runs, without having to re-locate your birds. ...


    • Alcohol & Bleach Free
    • Kills 99.999% bacteria, fungi & viruses
    • Non Irritant
    • De-Odorises & carries on working after application
    • Spray on chickens, bedding, flooring & coops. Poultry can return to treated areas immediately

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